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Ten Best Netflix Instant Watch Science Fiction Movies

A while back I suggested some good movies to watch instantly on Netflix. Since that time the Netflix landscape has changed considerably and the choices of movies has went up dramatically so I decided to look at ten science fiction movies to watch instantly on Netflix because some of the best science fiction movies ever made are now available to stream instantly on Netflix.



The Instant watch version of this movie is the theatrical cut, which isn’t, in my opinion, the best version of this movie, but you can’t really go wrong watching Bladerunner no matter what cut it is, so if you haven’t watched this movie or haven’t watched it in a while go and put it on your Netflix instant watch queue immediately.


Hercules Goes to New York

One of the best bad movies of all time this movie is a favorite among my friends. The first movie Arnold Schwarzenegger did this version is the dubbed over Arnold with a voice that only makes the entire thing funnier. If you love bad movies then this is the perfect example of a movie to get together with your friends and mock especially when Samson and Atlas show up to help him and he fights a bear in central park.  Don’t miss this classic so bad it’s good movie.


Star Trek

If you let the Star Trek name scare you away from this movie this is the perfect chance to watch it. This is a perfect balance of nods to the fans of Star Trek and reboot allowing anyone to sit do

wn and watch this without any of the preconceptions about what to expect in Star Trek. Filled with good action, interesting characters and great actors this one of the best science fiction movies around, regardless of whether you like Star Trek or not.



Firefly and Serenity

It really disturbs me how many people still haven’t seen this series. One of the best science fiction series of all time this may seem short because it should have been so much more, but there is still more hours of entertainment here than in most movie franchises and no one would skip Terminator or The Matrix because they are short. So start with Firefly and then watch Serenity, or if you are too skeptical just watch the movie, but either way don’t miss out on this just because the people at fox are …. Anyway, if you haven’t watched this, watch it now and if you have watched it, watch it again. You know you want to.

The X files

With 9 seasons worth of content on Netflix (and several that are actually good) this is one of the classic science fiction series and if you’ve never watched it you really are missing out. Similar in some ways to shows like Warehouse 13 and an inspiration for many other shows if you haven’t watched the x files and are a science fiction fan you need to sit down from the beginning and watch the mystery unfold, just be aware that 9 seasons of content doesn’t mean that it will be good for 9 seasons.



Cube 2 and Cube 0

I avoided Cube because I assumed it would be horrible. Eventually though I gave in and tried out the movie and found it to be far better than I expected. It’s still not great, but it’s fun for an afternoon. Both Cube 2 Hypercube and Cube 0 continue the idea of this out and while neither are as good as the original they are both worth your time if you enjoyed the first because it is largely more of the same, though hypercube does have some very odd moments.


D.C. Comic Movies

Including Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Batman: Under the Red Hood, D.C. comics have been creating some of the best superhero movies around without the hype and circumstance of the live action movies. If you’ve missed these and enjoy the live action versions of superhero movies you should try these out, because while they might be a bit geekier they are also better than a lot of them.



The Twilight Zone

With five seasons of brilliant and weird ideas Rod Sterling’s original twilight zone is a must watch for anyone who loves interesting ideas and bizarre science fiction. There are occasional episodes which just don’t hold up over fifty years, but by and large they are still brilliant stories that every science fiction fan should be forced to watch.



District 9

A fantastic movie with a great style District 9 is a must watch on Netflix instant watch. Shown as a documentary about aliens which have been stuck on earth for years and forced to live in a slum city and treated like second class citizens this is a story that can, at times be a bit heavy handed, and has a few moments that feel a bit like a video game, but it is also one of the most original and interesting science fiction stories in years.


The Shining

One of the creepiest movies ever made, The Shining is hard to explain beyond the simple concept of being alone in an old, creepy haunted hotel with a man slowly going insane. This is not the typical slasher horror that seems so common in modern horror, but something far more disturbing and if you have not sat down and watched this you need to. Just be aware that it may ruin modern horror for you.


There are many other great science fiction and fantasy movies that were not on this list, such as Lord of the Rings, Aliens, 2010 and Mega Shark vs. Crockasourus but this should give any science fiction fan plenty to watch for a while.


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