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Aliens Among Us

Although I do not have any proof that the creatures imaged below are aliens, or that they are even real pictures they certainly look alien to me and many of them have a strange inteligence in their eyes that tells me that they knew just a little more than they are letting on. And someday when we do run into aliens i think they might just look like one of these creatures.


While neither an animal nor an alien the image below is one of the less disturbing of the images. Made of vegitables this alien is also the most likely thing on this list I woul eat.

There is no real reason to assume that the human customs would mean anythnig to an alien species. For example this species shows none of the modesty compulsions of the modern human.

Perhaps what is most disturbing about this alien creature is that it almost looks like the features match but they do not quite look right. The eyes are it seems not eyes at all. Perhaps some sort of ear or some sense organ we do not even yet understand.

This is the alien we are most likely to have trouble with in my imagination. Almost human looking the strange eyes are almost an insult and make everyone who sees them squirm.

Finally we have the most intelligent of the aliens this creature is also clearly evil. You can see the venom in the eyes and the scowl is unmistakable . This alien cat would be just as happy to kill you as to treat you as an equal.


Even those at the top of the worlds greatest criminal empires can find themselves unemployed as time goes on and the money that seemed like it could last forever. Some find themselves commiting petty crimes in an attempt to get buy. Cobra Commander has instead turned to the comic book convention route. Often appearing with his troopers. Here are a few images of the commander in his new action.

An occasional change of costume can help Cobra Commander make a few extra dollars as well. And while black may not be quite as iconic as the blue and red costume it does look good.

Even the Cobra Commander needs a day off and he can sometimes relax. Here is Cobra commander showing off a few of his toys as well as buying a few without the mask.


Images of Time Machines

I have always loved the idea of time travel and while a blow to the head can create a time travel story just as good as the far cooler images. It is also far easier to believe that someone could travel in time through some type of a machine even if we know that it is unlikely. Here are images of some time machines.

This last image is my favorite beacuse it is the Large Hadron Collider. This likely is not a time machine,but there is some theories that this may allow time machines.  Here is an article that looks at the possibility that it could send matter backwards in time. There is also a story of a strange man appearing claiming to be a time traveler.  You may want to consider that these articles mostly appeared around april 1st.


The Classic Wizard

I love fantasy and there are few characters in them more interesting than the wizard. Generally  the mentor they are often mysterious and very often interesting characters. On the other hand they can become a bit generic with the robes, pointy hat and long white hair and beard but even following this classic wizard image there is not only a lot of room for personality but for differences in the way they look as well.




Robots in Love

Most of the time when robots are in stories they are either evil or trying to understand human emotions. Because of this, the idea of robots in love is not one that is uncommon in science fiction. THis can be simply because they are treated as human, are so close to human that it hardly matters or because it allows the writer to examine the concept of what love is. Here are some fun images of robots in love. For the sake of the visual I left out those robots that are completly humanoid. Sorry Battlestar Galactica.